Classes in English

Welcome to Yoga and Meditation in English

We have been helping Copenhageners relax and find energy for the past 50 years - we are one of the oldest yoga schools in Denmark, situated in a beautiful and iconic building right in the heart of the city.
The form of yoga you will experience here is classical - we believe that what you learn here can enhance and support your life, whatever you age or circumstances.
What can you expect from our classes?
  • Authentic yoga, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and several different forms of meditation
  • A friendly atmosphere and safe guidance
  • A rich variety of methods from the classical tradition
  • A practical, down-to-earth approach
  • Progressive and systematic teaching, moving from simple practices to more advanced during a course
  • Repetition of techniques, with the aim of enabliing you to practice yourself at home if you wish.
What might you gain from attending regularly?
  • A more relaxed and supple body
  • Increased physical and mental strength
  • A calmer mind and improved sleep
  • A sense of greater general well-being
Please see below for more information about our current classes and for enrollment. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.